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Python Source Code
A simple Python package for importing and exporting openMat data.

openMat Python Library

Blender Plugin
The 3D-modeler Blender allows the installation of such plugins written in Python. With the offered plug-in (see below) it is possible to import both acoustical data and texture files from an openMat as shown. These imported materials can be assigned to walls of an enclosure modeled with Blender and textures are directly assigned to the surfaces that are linked to the respective database material. For demonstration purposes, absorption coefficients and scattering coefficients are taken into account for only six octave bands at the moment, but the plugin can be easily extended to the whole bandwidth of data. A panel for acoustical properties shows the reverberation times for the six octave bands from 500Hz to 4000Hz calculated from the imported absorption coefficients. This simple functionality serves as an example to encourage the use of  openMat-file in other applications.

To demonstrate the usage of this library (see above), an addon for Blender is offered.
openMat Blender PlugIn

How to use these files
Download and use these files according to the instructions in

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